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Real Time Audio is a production company focused on live sound service. From concert production & community festivals to corporate parties & weddings, we've got you covered. We specialize in small to medium sized productions. (for audiences up to 3,000)

Although Real Time Audio invests in only top of the line equipment, we don't believe that great equipment alone makes a great sound company. It really comes down to the people.

What can I expect from a Real Time Audio tech?
  Talent, experience, a good attitude & not to settle for "good enough".

Every job that we do (big and small) is extremely important to us. As are the people we serve at each event (the performers, the audience, the client). We strive to provide the best possible sound to the audience. We also aim to ensure that those on stage have just what they need. A comfortable performer makes for a great performance. An awesome performance with a great mix at a suitable volume makes for happy clients and good memories.

Audio is our passion. We love what we do.
Let us impress you at your next event!

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